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We have gained our experience along with the implementation and maintenance stages of the discrete (manufacturing) and continuous (process) production projects. Our specialists were successful in these cases and customers benefited from the business process re-engineering impact to the sites during and after ERP roll out. 

Discrete manufacturing production is being represented by the metal products company, where the full scope of the Make-to Order manufacturing processes were implemented. The precise ERP-system manufacturing model had dramatically increased the power of the enterprise, experiencing dramatic growth of the customer's orders. This project was intensively supported by the customer.


Our continuous production case is a holding company with a set of chemical plants processing shale-oil ore and derivative products using varieties of the chemical  technologies. The company's processes contain main and Co-By-products in the recurrent cycles. During this ERP project the complex process technology model was implemented to give the possibility of the effective control and multi-level cost price analysis.


"The subject of our special attention during implementation process always was  the product cost models, where the primary costs of all produced items could be disclosed in terms of cost price components. This is a basement of the cost price analysis in managerial accounting. Both projects were implemented with Finance functionality, securing full integrity of the enterprise model having direct tires with Manufacturing and Distribution (Sales, Purchase, warehouse) functions..."  

            Igor Skachko, Silco Systems, CEO.