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If your ERP hit the skids...
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If your ERP hit the skids...

Why ERP Projects Take Longer than Expected

"Lack of resources - There are many companies that agree to a project plan with their vendor, only to find that the two parties have differing expectations of how many and what types of people will support the project."  Source: IT Toolbox


Risks to a Successful Implementation

Risk must be carefully monitored through the implementation. While many people think that technical issues are the main reason why ERP projects fail or are not completely successful, the real reason is because of people, or the “soft stuff”. Top management may have failed because they did not successfully share the vision and “rally the troops”. There was no impetus to drive transformation, thus the project lurched to a halt, or even worse began a slow and steady demise. Implementation partners can contribute to a failed implementation if part of their job is to enable change management or project management, and both efforts were subpar. Inadequate training on the ERP system or lay-offs during or after the implementation can negatively impact employees. This, in turn, may lead to employees using “work arounds”, sabotaging the system, or delaying accepting the new system and the accompanying new processes.