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SAP Extended Warehouse Management


Continuing it's professional run, Silco Systems is paying a good deal of attention to most modern  technologies in Warehousing, helping to it's partner in rolling out Extended Warehouse Management System. The challenging task to start the SAP EWM system at the most modern and perspective warehouse infrastructure in Estonia is really important sphere of our activity. 


What is Extended Warehouse Management?

  • It is a best-in-class warehouse management solution designed to manage & track logistics execution processes

  • It offers flexible, automated support for processing various goods movements and for managing stocks in a warehouse.

  • In 1 solution provides labor management, slotting, advanced optimization techniques, connection to automation.

How do companies benefit from EWM?

  • High warehouse productivity / efficiency

  • High inventory accuracy

  • Reduced labor costs

  • Better customer service

What are key capabilities of EWM?

  • Multi customer warehouse

  • Flexible modeling of warehouse processes

  • Stock and process transparency

  • Optimization in storage planning and process execution

  • Seamless integration of Automation (RF, RFID, Pick-by-Voice,

  • Integrationin the overall SAP Logistics Solution

Source material

For more information, see at sap.com